Makhtotaah Story

A touch of culture mixed with urban design to draw a statement with Makhtotaah’s art pieces. Handcrafted with Arabic calligraphy mixed with a passion for culture to say more than just words, to represent an idea. 

It’s original, handcrafted, and delivered to you to represent who you are, its Makhtotaah

First Steps of "Makhtotaah"

Makhtotaah originates from a passion for calligraphy mixed with urban graphic design. As this passion grew bigger not only to make art pieces but also to bring traditional calligraphy to contemporary design and create a piece that anyone can relate to. 

Makhtotaah’s pieces are original in design and take manuscripts from the Arabic culture of literature, religion or spiritual quotes. 

The originality of Makhtotaah’s pieces is also delivered to you with a certificate of ownership and serial number to preserve the originality of the ownership and guarantee authenticity. 

Each Makhtotaah has a unique number that only one person can have. 

The idea of this "Makhtotaah" is not only based on creating a frame that is luxurious and high-quality decorations in the form of manuscripts written in Arabic calligraphy, but also using fabric, wooden frames, colors, professional computer programs, printing materials, and brushes; to create a piece that relates to you, that is original and only you can have. 

Challenges Faced By "Makhtotaah"

Arabic calligraphy has very strict rules when it comes to designing a letter or a word; the main challenge is to represent the idea of the art piece and relate to it while preserving the authenticity of the traditional rules and representing them to create a new perception of calligraphy mixed with a new flavor. 

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