Family Welfare Charitable Association

Family Welfare Charitable Association

Family Welfare Charitable Association Story

A non-profit founded in 1969 helps women in camps by offering innovative job opportunities to improve their skills in traditional hand embroideries. It's located in the heart of Amman, Jordan.

The association comprises many talented women who work tirelessly to produce handicrafts embroidered with love and perfection. They use various fabrics and strive to achieve products of high quality and superior elegance.

Though this project is facing challenges in providing its workers with the necessary materials and resources, it is commendable that they are committed to the intricacies of hand embroidery. The process may be time-consuming, but the attention to detail and dedication to tradition will undoubtedly result in beautiful and unique pieces.

This association produces a wide range of products, such as bags, storage boxes, jewelry boxes, shawls, decorative pieces, heritage artifacts, and other items with a rich history and meaningful story behind them.

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Embroidered Products With Threads of Hope