Lavender Bath Time Gift Set


All that you need when you are finally home after an exhausting day is a warm that re-collects your ideas and makes you relaxed is this bath time gift set in purple! This handmade matching bathtime set includes the following: ✤ Lavender soap bar made of lavender extract oil and vitamin E as these ingredients help the skin to be moisturized and deep cleansed. ✤ Bath Salts, perfect to deep cleanse your feet and get them rid of dehydration. ✤ Lavender Bath Bombs with lavender oil extract to make the skin fragranced while keeping it soft. Because lavender has the strong ability to keep you relaxed, quiet, calm, and reduces headaches, this bath set was specially made for you to enjoy your bath time!

Size Guide:

Height : 9 (cm)Width : 11(cm)Length : 11 (cm)