Vendors and Products Selection Criteria

1. Origin and Quality 

Souq Fann promotes handmade and locally produced products and therefore it is primordial to make sure that the selected items fit into these categories. Our team pays particular attention to verify the source of the products by meeting with producers and collecting information about the used materials. Furthermore, Souq Fann seeks to promote and sell quality products and hence it is important to take into consideration the finishing of each piece and its quality to fit various markets and buyers needs. 

2. Asceticism, Innovation and Functionality 

According to our study and sales, products selling the most are functional with a modern look. Thus, while selecting a product it is necessary to consider the purpose of it with its ascetic aspect. It can be noted that a selected product should come with several other products that create an harmonious collection/group of products. The product has to be new and innovative in its design and functionality. It also needs to fit the 

types of products on Souq Fann which are: Beauty and Wellbeing, Accessories and Jewelry, Home Accessories and Living, Stationery, Clothing and Bags, Kitchen and Hosting, Babies and Kids. 

3. Commitment and Reliability 

The majority of producers selling on Souq Fann are requested to produce and supply their items upon demand; producers are asked to deliver the same products featured on the website and on-time (according to the production time states in the agreement between Souq Fann and the vendor). Souq Fann depends on producers’ commitment and hence before collaborating with a vendor it is crucial to evaluate his/her reliability and ability to reproduce the selected products. Also, willingness to sign and commit to a detailed agreement with Souq Fann is important. 

4. Marketing and Logistics 

Potential customers browsing Souq Fann appreciate the hand-made/locally produced dimension of products but the final aspect that usually determines the purchase is: the price. It is important to take into account the price-quality ratio and estimate the type of customers that the product can reach. Additionally, heavy and large products are harder to ship outside Jordan - we do not recommend to select such items.

Score Sheet 



Origin and Quality

Products’ quality and finishing 

…. / 5

Locally/hand-made produced 

…. / 5

Level of information on the story of the producer, making-process and used materials

…. / 5

Aestheticism, Uniqueness and Functionality

Functionality of the product 

…. / 5

Creativity and innovation (to which extent the idea and the product is new, level of creative modification of existing products…)

…. / 5

Design and visual identity 

…. / 5

Commitment and Reliability

Production and time commitment of the producer 

…. / 5

Reproducibility of the product 

…. / 5

Availability of raw material 

…. / 5

Marketing and Logistics

Marketability (estimation of customers interested in buying the product) 

…. / 5

Price-quality ratio 

…. / 5

Size/weight suitable for domestic and international shipping

…. / 5

Final Score 

…. / 60

*In order to sell a product on Souq Fann, an overall score of at least 45 is required with no sub-scores for each sub-criteria under 3.