TARA Story

The project “Tara” is an individual effort researched, curated, and illustrated by Maya Amer. Tara is an attempt to document and analyze the different embroidery patterns of Palestine based on geography and culture. 

The name “Tara” means a wooden hoop used to stretch fabric while embroidering on it. The project was named "Tara" so that it includes everything embroidered and for it not to be limited to a specific product name. Not to mention that each product is also embroidered on a canvas and a hoop before its final implementation.

It all started with the Palestinian map divided by embroidery pattern. For the sake of research, Tara chose the Palestinian districts as per 1964 and the thobes of daily use to focus on the stitching patterns only. Patterns were not exclusive to each area, as the societies were a lot more intertwined back then; some patterns were only found in small villages while others traveled across the country.

After months of research and documentation, Tara reached a general shape of the map of Palestine, according to the embroidery shifts. The Tara project then expanded to include prints, stationery, and embroidery kits, all of which are products that celebrate the uniqueness of heritage and embroidery.

The main goal for Tara is to keep the traditional embroidery alive as a way of fighting identity occupation and starting a conversation about the old Palestinian habit of having a handmade embroidered piece in every house. 

Mrs. Maya aspires for Tara to become a basic reference for those who wish to learn about the craft of embroidery, and for the project to be a way to shed light on Palestinian history and heritage to open the way for dialogue on these issues with the whole world.

Tara shop presents Palestinian embroidery patterns in a modern and innovative way and donates a portion of the project’s revenue every month to the people of the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

You too can contribute to spreading the culture of embroidery and support the project's mission by purchasing Tara products currently available on Souq Fann!

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The project “Tara” is an individual effort researc