Ruba Al-Khateeb

Ruba Al-Khateeb

Jordan / Mafraq

Ruba is a young lady from Mafraq who’s passionate about string art amongst other things!

She states that the thing that she enjoys about this type of art is the need for close attention to details in each design she creates! 

Besides string art, Ruba is also working with crochet and Arabic calligraphy as well, she uses these techniques to decorate pocket mirrors, bookmarks and many other products.

Ruba: “I enjoy my work a lot! I could work for hours and hours nonstop without even feeling the minutes pass by! My friend envy me for that!”

The handmade market needs unique products that can stand out and be distinguished from the tons of handmade work we see nowadays. 

Ruba: “I was under a lot of psychological pressure at first, people would argue on who would by this type of art and who would be interested in such products! But as time passed my success was enough to silence all the doubting whispers around me and I was happy with that!”

As most artisans, Ruba struggles from the logistics aspect of her work, she suffers from the right means to market her creations and this is why she joined Souq Fann so she can make sure that this aspect is perfectly covered.



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