Nesreen's Hand-made

Nesreen's Hand-made

Jordan / Amman

Out of the hands of the talented lady “Nesreen”, a lot of handmade households are offered to you with the highest quality that can be used elegantly in the kitchen and decorating home decor as well.

Through the “Nisreen Handmade” Store, creative crafts products are great enough to impress everyone. They are products that must be found in every Arab home, such as utensils, serving sets, etc.

As Nesreen has joined many workshops, associations, and organizations, she is a great player in holding exhibitions and presenting her own products in her own special touch!

Because success can’t be achieved without falling down from time to another, “Nesreen Handmade” main concerns were related to marketing and copying or imitating her products in a cheapest way and lower quality.

This was enough to let her access Souq Fann framework where she believes that is the right place to reach a greater level than ever in every aspect including but not limited to marketing, audience, developing skills, designing no products, and so on.

Support “Nesreen Handmade” through browsing her products and buying your favorite ones to welcome your guests in style!



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