Knots hand-made

Knots hand-made

Jordan / Amman

Amani Hammad, operator of “Handmade Knots”, and a housewife who gives her family all the love, who weaves macrame threads with a great amount of talent, craftsmanship, and mastery!

Amani Hammad has chosen Souq Fann to be the digital window where she can display her handicrafts that adorn your home decor and your outfits as well.

Since 2014, Amani Hammad has learnt the craft of macrame which means having extensive experience in the field so she can provide through her project “Handmade Knots” an income source to help her family.

Amani’s First Steps

After Amani took her decision to invest her talent and transform it into a profession, she made her best effort and devoted her time to work hard in order to develop her project.

Hence, Amani now has the ability to make a lot of knots and stitches to offer you great options of home furniture, garden decor items, accessories, and even clothing.

Challenges and Concerns faced by Amani

Prior to joining Souq Fann platform, Amani needed to market her products, manage her project in better means, in addition to use her products in its appropriate place. Unquestionably, all of this calls for joining some training courses and workshops.

How did Amani join Souq Fann?

“When I was offered to join a workshop with Souq Fann that wishes to support such type of projects, I didn’t hesitate and agreed directly because I am pretty sure that this platform was the electronic window that I had always been looking for for”

This is what Amani said about joining Souq Fann as she saw an advertisement through social media websites but didn’t know how to register. As days passed, Amani received a call from a friend of her asking if she would be interested in attending a counselling workshop with Souq Fann followed by marketing her macrame products.

Amani was keen to attend the whole sessions of this workshop as she concluded up achieving many important goals including but not limited to learning the right usage of products and making them multi-functional, how to calculate the cost and put the price of each product, in addition to use new colors far away from the traditional ones. Now, she is adding new materials to her handmade macrame art pieces to suit all tastes.

Browning her products through Souq Fann, you are helping Amani to fulfil her potential of owning her own store to design special pieces for customers who can add their personal touches to them by choosing their own designs and favorite colors!



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