Farha Designs

Farha Designs

Jordan / Amman

A Jordanian project specialized in creating modern and unique fashion designs while focusing on the empowerment of the local craftsmen and business-owners, all of which is performed in a manner that ensures a high quality and sustainability of production. Founded in 2014 by Farah Nasif, Farha Designs is currently working in collaboration with five local workshops that are specialized in the production of clothes, bags and embroideries.  The upcoming target is to expand the number of workshops and craftsmen that are part of this project, encompassing a wider array of specialties. 

The culture of production is an integral value upon which this project operates. Accordingly, efforts were put to expand the knowledge of local craftsmen and to facilitate the process of knowledge transfer amongst them. Farha Designs collaborated with a very well-known craftsman in the field of bag designing and manufacturing to create educational material, one which so far has been used in three educational courses and workshops. 

The limitations that this project faces, many of which it shares with the majority of similar businesses in Jordan, are the scarcity of materials and the limited array of tools available. Nonetheless, Farha designs focuses on utilizing the available materials and resources in an innovative manner. A pillar in achieving this lies in believing in the capacity of local designers. Therefore, Farha Designs continuously creates collaborations that facilitate in the transfer of knowledge and expertise, ultimately embodying these efforts in the form of unique designs that harmoniously reflect the essence and the uniqueness of the local designers of Jordan.

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