As-Salt Gifts and Crafts Shop

As-Salt Gifts and Crafts Shop

Jordan / Salt

As-Salt Gifts & Crafts Shop

The value of Al-Salt, an ancient city located in Jordan, is expressed in deluxe products that are certified and accredited by Al-Salt city trademark.

Products hold a lot of meanings and values residing in “Tradition and Pride”, “Innovation and Creativity”, and “Trust and Quality”.

In 2014, As-Salt gifts and crafts shop started its path through a competition held in As-Salt Festival. Proudly, the competition ended up with the winning of 8 producers and craftworkers. Accordingly, As-Salt Shop opened its doors in 2015 and the number of producers increased from 8 to 60 talented people who offer you various types of worthwhile products.

As-Salt Gifts & Crafts Shop Challenges

Success can’t be achieved without facing a lot of difficulties and challenges. Alike, As-Salt Gifts and Crafts Shop reached this prominent place after the shop besides craft workers faced the challenges that are including but not limited to promotion, marketing, in addition to the difficulty of increasing the number of products.

As-Salt Gifts & Crafts Shop Social Impact

As-Salt gifts and crafts shop is located in the center of Al-Salt city and particularly in the Historic Old Salt Museum or (HOSM) which makes it a strategic touristic, cultural, and entertainment place for all of us.

As for us, we are delighted to bring Al-Salt City for you here as you can browse and buy the products of it through Souq Fann online!



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