Cat Prints

Cat Prints

Jordan / Amman

“Cat Prints” Story

Ghada Arman is a creative interior designer who worked in this field for years, but she lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made her search for another field to work in, since she is a person who does not prefer staying at home without doing anything. That’s when Mrs. Ghada began decorating doormats with hand paintings and adorning them with the most beautiful designs and funny expressions. Besides drawing on coconut or burlap mats, Mrs. Ghada also draws distinctive paintings on wooden tables. Moreover, Ghada's daughter shares her sense of creativity and talent, so she also decorates tote bags with beautiful hand paintings and sell them in the store.

While working on the products, her lovely black cat was always enjoying and observing the process closely, and that's when Mrs. Ghada decided to give her store the name of "Cat Prints". Not to mention that her first product was a doormat decorated with "Hope You Like Cats" featuring cute little cat prints, that she gifted to her best friend who also likes cats, and this was the beginning of Mrs. Ghada's little project of decorating doormats.

Challenges faced by “Cat Prints”

In the process of decorating coconut doormats, Mrs. Ghada uses different vibrant acrylic colors and applies multilayers, to make sure the color will last longer and endure all the weather conditions outside the home. While implementing the ideas doesn't take a lot of her time, what Mrs. Ghada finds difficult is the shortage of big size mats in the local markets that would match with grand places and companies entrances. Currently her store only offers two different small sizes mats that are match  the front door of small houses.

“Cats Prints” Future Plans

As someone who adores working in the artistic field, and enjoys receiving positive feedback from clients, Mrs. Ghada is willing to continue working on her project and offering more unique products besides the special doormats; like the hand-painted wooden tables and the wonderful tote bags made with love by her daughter.

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