Ayla's Bows Collection

Ayla's Bows Collection

Jordan / Amman

Ayla’s Bow Collection is a project run by a 30-year-old mother and HR employee, Alaa. Alaa had her first child, and with her, the idea for her project was born simultaneously to design cute yet comfortable hair accessories to her child, Ayla, and from here, the name of Alaa’s project came.

Alaa always faced obstacles finding beautiful and comfortable hair accessories for Ayla that won’t hurt her head as a toddler, so Alaa decided to craft her own accessories for her baby. Everyone was fascinated by Ayla's new hair accessories, and from here, Alaa decided to turn her new hobby into a business for designing what she loves.

Although Alaa designs elegant and high-quality accessories, She faced many problems, the most important of which was the lack of appreciation for handmade products by local markets and customers. Hence, Alaa decided to join Souq Fann and reach out to the right market and people with interest in handmade and high-quality products.

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