Al Wardani Shop

Al Wardani Shop


Not that far from Al Hussein Mosque and in a very central place in Khan Al Khalili Street, old Cairo, sets Al Wardani Bazaar, the place has this big window shop crowded with items, brightfull colored wooden trays written on with Arabic calligraphy, and other mirror trays generously decorated with golden edges, then you will find hand painted porcelain all inspired from Islamic and pharaonic culture which gives it a special signature, and finally comes the statues, various sculptures with various sizes starting with an inch size and going bigger and bigger.

Mr. Mahmoud Al Wardani started the place in the eighties last century, the place first started showcasing statues and sculptures then with the market has changed and customers varied, the items have changed too, now Mr Mohammad Al Wardani runs the place, he found that this bazaar although once it used to mainly deal with tourists, now is interacting with more local customers that’s why the items are changing according to their taste, from tableware and modern dining elements alongside with the regular souvenirs.

Despite the current situation, and many obstacles they face, everyone is optimistic with the upcoming times, knowing that soon the country will be more stable and tourism will improve again.

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