About Souq Fann

About Souq Fann

Souq Fann is an innovative e-commerce portal that connects artists, artisans, and handicraft producers across Jordan to new economic opportunities. It helps these vendors share their products and tell their stories, while also offering payment, delivery, and customer care services. Vendors can therefore sell more products online and increase their income.
​​Today, Souq Fann has more than 160 stores and over 2,500 products on display, growing at an average of 5 new stores per week, and generating over $15,000 per month for vendors.
Souq Fann won first place in the World Government Conference Award in Dubai, in the category of creative solutions, as well as the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship competition.

Problems Addressed by Souq Fann

Souq Fann aims to address the problems that occur due to the lack of a marketplace in Jordan for buying and selling high-quality art, handicrafts, and cultural goods. This creates two problems for two different groups of people:

  1. For vendors
    A large, diverse group of people in Jordan are active in arts and handicrafts. But despite a mastery of their craft, many small- and home-based artisans struggle to market and sell their products. Some rely on seasonal bazaars to sell, while others market their products online through social media – but all these solutions require time and effort.
  2. For customers
    Simply put, buying high-quality handicrafts is hard. Boutiques suffer from small selection and high-prices; souvenir shops offer imported goods to tourists; bazaars appear and disappear without much notice. As a result, customers looking for an easy way to buy high- quality, locally made products have nowhere to go. Souq Fann meets these needs by providing vendors and customers a simple, online marketplace to buy and sell authentic, locally-produced goods.

How does Souq Fann serve both vendors and customers?

  1. Vendors
    Souq Fann helps any vendor sell products online. The Souq Fann team works with vendors to put high-quality photos and accurate information of each product online. Souq Fann also handles marketing, payment, delivery and customer service, enabling vendors to focus on what matters most: their craft. Easy online sales mean more customers, and therefore higher income for vendors.
  2. Customers Customers can now browse Jordan’s largest selection of high-quality handmade and locally-produced goods from their computers, smartphones, and tablets. For each item, customers also learn about the person behind it – their story, their techniques, their personality. With the click of a button, Souq Fann can deliver great items from all over Jordan straight to the customer, no matter where they live.

Souq Fann is a social enterprise, whereby it operates like a business but serves a social purpose. For that reason, it is designed to help individual vendors earn more money. More than 65% of every sale goes directly to the vendor who created the product. The rest of the money from each sale covers shipping, handling, packaging, and website costs. Souq Fann only takes the money it needs to cover its costs and provide great services to vendors and customers.

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