About Souq Fann

In Arabic, Souq Fann means “Art Market”. But to our vast community of vendors from around the Middle Eastern and North African region, it means much more than that -- we provide an opportunity for local artists to spread their own unique message. Our merchants come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and customs, though they all share one common thread: they are all highly-skilled artisans following their passions, from hand-crafted soaps to Bedouin-inspired prints to traditional mosaic tile art. All the individuals represented by Souq Fann serve an important cause. However, many of our vendors experience difficulty marketing and selling their products for a variety of reasons. Some live in rural parts of the country without easy access to city markets, some work simultaneously as full-time homemakers, and some struggle to access the internet as a tool for growth. Souq Fann was established as a social enterprise organization in 2018 in order to eliminate some of these barriers to entry for deserving small-business owners and start-ups. Souq Fann is a place for those with an abundance of talent to gather in order to share their work with the world. We exist to help our vendors achieve their goals by giving them access to new markets around the world, connecting them with new customers and increasing their sales. On our site, you will find hundreds of high-quality, locally-produced, and environmentally-conscious goods, gifts, and treasures. Each product has a story to tell about the person (or people) who created it. Like each item, each story is unique. In this way, Souq Fann gives customers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of communities across the Arab region. Browse Jordan’s largest online bazaar and find products as unique as the people who made them. Find something you like? Souq Fann delivers the product right to your door. Even better, every purchase you make on Souq Fann directly benefits the artists who crafted your item. Their earnings through Souq Fann help them to sustain their craft, grow their business, and increase their economic independence. Our artisans have incredible gifts to share with the world. Grab a mug of shay, relax in the comfort of your home, and take a look around. We think you’ll agree.