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Beginnings of “Souq Jilaad”

Each one of us has his innovative ideas, but when it comes to applying them in reality, it's not that easy!

Mr. Iskandar was one of those people with great big ideas, but unlike many others, he was lucky enough to have a loyal friend who helped him to bring his ideas to reality, by allowing him to use his workshop and work in it. 

This is how, Mr. Iskandar was finally able to turn his ideas into beautiful and useful pieces of art, each of which holds a message of peace and healing that Mr. Iskandar hoped may reduce the impact of the pandemic the world faced lately.

As for the store name, it was inspired by Mr. Iskandar's love for the city of Ajloun and its surroundings formerly known by the name of "Jilaad". It was also a way to show his appreciation for his friend who allowed him to use his little workshop in his house in Ajloun.

Products Offered by “Souq Jilaad”

Working with wood was something that Mr. Iskandar always enjoyed; as it allows him to produce remarkable artistic pieces; just like wooden frames, and for that, he chose to embellish those frames with Arabic Thuluth Font to highlight sublime meanings through his designs.

Mr. Iskandar also was lucky enough to have his friend who was working in the field of leather, together, they were able to produce premium leather notebooks using recycled paper to make eco-friendly products.

The process of making these beautiful wooden pieces starts with searching for the finest beechwood, and forming it according to the design, then painting it and assembling it with printed pieces to come out in its final form.

As for the leather notebooks, it is a joint effort where Mr. Iskandar comes up with the design, while his friend craft the cover of the notebook.

Social Impact of “Souq Jilaad”

This project was a great opportunity for Mr. Iskandar to bring his innovative ideas to the ground. Through his continuous hard work, and by attracting creative ideas, Mr. Iskandar hopes that this store will expand and grow to become the main source of income for him and his friend.

He also believes that his store will be able to offer job opportunities for less fortunate people and refugees, in particular, who have difficulty finding jobs in Jordan.

You can now browse and purchase the most beautiful handmade artistic pieces made with lots of love by “Souq Jilaad” available only at Souq Fann!

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Beginnings of “Souq Jilaad”Each one of us has his