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Blending art with functionality. Rifai Art is a shop that offers a distinctive collection of everyday used items adorned with printed artworks that are personally designed by Mr. Mahmoud Al-Rifai to showcase a few cultural aspects of Middle Eastern societies and presents them in a unique way inspired and based on reality.

Rifai Art offers several products adorned with beautiful artworks that are used in daily life or given as gifts on many occasions, including; mugs, tote bags, notebooks, greeting cards, fridge magnets, coasters, and other items that can be presented as gifts and souvenirs.

In the beginning, Rifai Art faced several challenges such as producing the original artwork, and implementing the design, in addition to the high cost of raw materials and thus the high cost of production. All these challenges motivated Mr. Mahmoud and prompted him to make a greater effort to present a variety of functional items that are characterized by their beautiful artistic aspects.

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