Yasmine Majali

Yasmine Majali

Yasmine Majali Story

Yasmine Adel had a car accident 8 years ago, the accident had a huge impact on her lifestyle and it changed the way she handles her daily matters completely.

Yasmine coped with her new situation and made the best of her new status, Yasmine: " I have one functioning hand, and that's more than enough to do whatever I aspire to do! I can even do a traditional Karak dress! Love to work with embroidery and I wish that people with disabilities are given enough spotlight to shine as they are talented as anybody else."

Shopping for the supplies is a tricky thing for Yasmine, the streets are not handicapped-friendly and that makes her job a lot harder.

Yasmine: “ Our challenges are not only physical, promoting products is really difficult! If it wasn’t for my family's encouragement I wouldn't have reached this far.” 

Yasmine states that she believes in her work and she is passionate about it, she wants her products to reach as many people as possible and this is why she is excited about joining Souq Fann.

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Yasmine Adel had a car accident 8 years ago, the a