Teenah Story

A bag is a normal tool you use in order to add a great touch to your outfit and to safe-keep your belongings too! But a tote bag created by Teenah Project is so different as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly means to hold your essentials on the go!

Get to know more with us about the creative crafts lady and the founder of Teenah store, Raneem Al-Meqbel.

“Teenah” Project First Steps

Proudly, “Teenah” is the first ethical merchandiser in Jordan and in the Middle East where sustainable merchandise are produced by refugee women and ladies from their host communities in the North of Jordan to be supplied throughout the world.

All of this is strong enough to make “Teenah" achieve success in which its tote bags are being sold in more than 43 countries around the world.

“Teenah” as a Positive Footprint inside the Local Community

The main concentration area of “Teenah” as a social enterprise is to offer income-generation and skills enhancement opportunities to the refugees and host communities. Thus, a great favorable effect is noted by “Teenah” on the local community and its crafts ladies as the UNICEF Amaluna Youth Economic Engagement program played a big role in this part.

Not to mention the environmentally friendly impact as the tote bags you can browse through Souq Fann is completely made of organic cotton as means of encouraging other individuals and businesses to replace plastic in a stylish yet unique way!

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A bag is a normal tool you use in order to add a g