Taghmeeseh Story

A group of four passionate members contains Abdallah Sabri, Mohammed Khasawneh, Ahmad Al-Hadidi, and Ahmad Al Saeed let you taste the most delicious food urbanites inspired by the authentic Arabic taste to enjoy your meal thanks to their project called “Taghmeeseh”!

How “Tasghmeeseh” Started?

“Taghmeeseh” products are basically traditional and handmade by women in local organizations.

The greatest vision of “Taghmeeseh” resides in women empowerment and spreading the Jordanian homemade food products to the local market. After a lot of hard work and determination, “Taghmeeseh” was not only able to reach the local market as it reached the Gulf region likewise.

“Taghmeeseh” strongly believes that women in local organizations are no doubt talented enough to provide top-notch foods featuring the original taste.

What Challenges Does Taghmeeseh” Face?

First and foremost, the main challenge of “Taghmeeseh” is reaching out to people and displaying its products in the corners of the local market.

Unfortunately, this challenge is being faced more and more especially nowadays due to the pandemic situation. However, “Taghmeeseh” before this time had the opportunity to participate in different activities and events such as local bazaars and farmers' markets.

Does “Taghmeeseh” Leave a Social Impact?

Proudly, “Taghmeeseh” leaves a very positive impact on society by bringing back the original taste of traditional Jordanian food which many people lack and consequently can’t find the original flavor which they always sought for.

A lover of traditional dishes? Then, who not to try “Taghmeeseh” products that are available on Souq Fann?

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A group of four passionate members contains Abdall