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Rula Artworks

Rula Artworks Story

Having a lot of interest in painting from a very young age, Mrs. Rula Mousa started her project “Rula Artworks” in 2018 to be a space where she can represent both the art of porcelain alongside the Arab culture and heritage.

Mrs. Rula believes that through her porcelain project she can reflect the various Arab styles through vibrant and bold colors and abstract Arab designs. She thinks of this project as a way of expressing her personal experience as a refugee from Iraq via Syria to Jordan. 

Using porcelain, porcelain colors that are microwave, dishwasher, and UV resistant for the porcelain work, and canvas, oil, acrylic, oil pastels, and chalk for paintings, “Rula Artworks” offers beautiful handmade products to represent the Arab heritage and society artistically and uniquely.

As a refugee, Mrs. Rula believes that everyone’s identity is formed by the culture, heritage, and styles of each country they live in. Therefore, she wants to show the diversity of the Arabic style and cuisine in porcelain and how enriched the Arab culture is through her project.

As for her plans, Mrs. Rula is willing to present more hand-painted products; such as t-shirts, jackets, and leather goods. She is also hoping to reach as many people, wishing they would understand her craft, feelings, and the work behind every piece.

You can browse and purchase these artistically and beautifully handmade products available at Souqfann!

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Having a lot of interest in painting from a very y