RapsiMO Story

“RapsiMo” Store First Steps

When a group of Iraqi refugee women residing in Jordan decided to collaborate and mix their talents together, they were able to establish their new project called “RapsiMo” to produce several handmade products including wool, crochet, and sewing as their decision was to work from their home with a passion to provide a source of income and a decent living for their families.

The journey of the talented ladies began when they went to a charitable initiative concerned with giving humanitarian aid to refugees as their idea was accepted and there was their beginning when they created a winter collection of products featuring different designs and various colors.

Since that day and until now, “RapsiMo” products are characterized by accuracy and made from soft cotton threads with high quality following trends and fashion thanks to the brightest colors they choose in spring, summer, winter, and autumn. 

“RapsiMo” Challenges

At the beginning of their journey, they faced several challenges and obstacles such as the difficulty of transportation and the inability to provide needed raw materials. However, each woman was strongly determined to keep up with the project on her part for the purpose of helping her family and depending on herself as their goals were stronger than any challenges.

Social Impact of “RapsiMo”

“RapsiMo” has a lot to provide for the society with its appreciated values including but not limited to reviving the ancient heritage and presenting it to the whole community in a modern and elegant way to educate community members about handcrafts of knitting and crochet, and not forget the most prominent societal impact that helped the talented women of Iraq financially and strengthened women empowerment.

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“RapsiMo” Store First StepsWhen a group of Iraqi r