Qashiat Story

The Beginnings of Qashiat

Art has countless forms, and the art of straw weaving is one of the ancient traditional arts. Mrs. Hanan Makhamra began her journey as a craftswoman in the straw weaving handicraft from a young age, and her passion for this type of art grew with her and became an integral part of her life.

As her passion for the art of straw weaving increased, Mrs. Hanan Makhamra decided to develop her handicraft career and this gave her a greater motivation to launch her project through the business incubator Souq Fann. She believed in Souq Fann being a great way to market her products, because of the wide base audience it has and the support Souq Fann gives to the vendors.

And so, Mrs, Hanan named her project "Qashiat" which means in English: "Things Made of Straw" as she finds this word the most suitable to identify the art of straw weaving and the closest to identify the products offered by the store.

Products Offered by Qashiat

Using straws only, Ms. Hanan creates unique products that combine vintage with modern design. She chooses drawings, inscriptions, and colors according to the size of the product or the desire of the customer, and then uses the awl to shape and bend the pieces until the final product is ready for sale and delivery.

Qashiat’s Plans for the Future

Like any other handicraft, the Qishiat store faces some challenges such as the difficulty of marketing, lack of funding, and the fact that the products' prices are not commensurate with the effort involved in production. However, all this did not and will not stop Mrs. Hanan, who has great passion and high ambitions. She is actively seeking to open a training center in the future and hopes to allocate a percentage of the sales proceeds to support families in need.

Help Mrs. Hanan take her one step further towards her dreams by purchasing her lovingly crafted straw products at Souq Fann!

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The Beginnings of QashiatArt has countless forms,