Pieces Story

There was a group of three ladies studying together at the university. Through their journey in studying Interior Design, these ladies have recognized that they share the same interests, ideas, and ambitions regarding their field of study! Actually, this was the greater reason why they decided to stay together after graduating since they saw a dream becoming true and imaginations being translated into real life.

After they graduated, they worked very hard to prove themselves and started their own business “Pieces”. Indeed, “Pieces” makes you enjoy the pieces of art designed with love and passion.

The idea of “Pieces” is a creative project because the talented ladies use a material called Resin in their paintings and portraits. Accordingly, “Pieces” succeeded since it came up with a new idea applied in Jordan, and people always look for outstanding and clever artwork.

“Pieces” ladies have faced a lot of challenges. Although, they firmly believe that these obstacles were the main factor why they are here now. After each difficulty, they knew how to be stronger.

So many reasons go beyond having an interest in buying “Pieces” of art such as supporting these ladies in their creative endeavors besides adding a decorative artistic touch to the corners of your home decor!

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There was a group of three ladies studying togethe