Petra Handmade

Petra Handmade

Petra Handmade Story

“Petra Handmade” Store

✤ Majed and Zaid are two craftsmen who started their journey that is filled with passion for handicrafts for 15 years as they decided to utilize their experience, passion, and hobby in the right place where they can produce high quality yet eco-friendly traditional products from natural leather raw materials.

“Petra Handmade” Challenges

✤ No doubt, the most prominent challenge faced by Petra Handmade was due to getting the required tools and materials to start the project from a group of countries that feature an advanced level in the field of local industries.

Social Impact of “Petra Handmade”

✤ There is no doubt that Petra Handmade store shapes a strong role in contributing to leaving a positive social impact toward society by integrating the women of the local community in the production which provides them an additional source of income that helps them to meet their basic needs.

That is to say, the social impact achieved by Petra Handmade is to train local community women and qualify them to acquire skills and handicrafts while saving traditional handicrafts from extinction and loss of importance.

Joining Souq Fann

✤ Organizers and owners of Petra Handmade store are hopeful that Souq Fann would be the electronic window that contributes to develop their project, help less fortunate community women, and market very classic yet elegant leather accessories and wallets that you can shop now through Souq Fann!

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“Petra Handmade” Store✤ Majed and Zaid are two cra