Early Stages of LYN Bags Store

“When it comes to designing a bag, we wanted to create a functional bag that will leave a bold statement and will make every woman feel confident and edgy”

Leen is a young lady crafting the most beautiful Bags and leather goods. While she was doing her studies in Belgium, Leen was thinking of starting her own brand after graduation, accordingly, in 2019 her dream came true with the support of her family and friends, and that was the beginning of “LYN Bags”.

The name of the brand came from her name Leen; which means softness and kindness, by that Leen wants to convey a message to all women that they are unique in their own way, and the more they give the more they will receive.

Products Offered by LYN Bags

By using high-quality vegan leather, pleated silver, gold chains, and gold materials, LYN offers remarkable bags and leather goods. This brand was highly inspired by geometrical shapes and architecture, such as pyramids.

After taking a deep look at what’s trending this year in colors and photography, in addition to studying the market carefully, and getting inspired by a certain design, Leen starts by sketching her idea, finalizing the measurements, then picking the materials required to implement this idea.

Later on, Leen starts tailoring and adding extra materials, then she makes mock-ups of the bag to see whether it fits or not. The process of making one bag takes about a week or 10 days.

LYN Bags’ Future Plan

In her beginnings, Leen found it difficult to make people accept her triangular-shaped bags, but with spending great effort on marketing and choosing different colors that fit all categories, it got easier for her.

By building trust and delivering high-quality products, Leen dreams of growing her brand, having her own office, and her own bags workshop. Doing so, she is also willing to present new designs of bags and backpacks, in addition to men’s bags and wallets.

Leen believes that her story encourages women around her to go after their dreams, and do their best to achieve them. You also can be part of this women empowerment project by purchasing LYN products made with lots of love available only at Souq Fann!

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Early Stages of LYN Bags Store“When it comes to de