Kawkab Alfalahat

Kawkab Alfalahat

Kawkab Alfalahat Story

“Kawkab Al-Falahat” Store

✒  Kawkab Al-Falahat is an ambitious crafts lady, a talented craftswoman, a housewife, and a woman who holds a Diploma degree in education in addition to her wide experience in several fields since she participated herself in various sectors before being a leading woman in voluntary work since 1993 as she works as a volunteer for some associations that are concerned with social development.

In addition to all of the abovementioned, Kawkab is the breadwinner for her family and she depends on her project as a main source of income as her products reside in making hand-embroidered products.

Coming to the part of the source of motivation and learning the craft, Kawkab’s mother taught her some basics of embroidery and she also was a participant in Souq Fann’s training session in order to preserve embroidery heritage through iconic products.

Challenges that Face “Kawkab”

✒ It is difficult to find a project that doesn’t face any difficulties or obstacles especially if the project is related to handicrafts. As in Jordan, most difficulties of handicraft projects are on the local level. For instance, the most prominent difficulties faced by Kawkab stand on the lack of raw materials in addition to the unavailability of concerned markets to market the products and sell them at reasonable prices.

Kawkab Al-Falahat & Souq Fann

✒ Possibly, what makes Kawkab’s products distinctive and unique is that they attribute a special persona that makes them different from other common products as their designs are inspired by the depths of imagination and inspiration as well.

By this, Kawkab Al-Falahat and Souq Fann are doing their best in order to promote handicrafts products gracefully through Souq Fann; the e-window which supports handmade products and local craft persons as well, start shopping now!

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“Kawkab Al-Falahat” Store✒  Kawkab Al-Falahat is a