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Get to Know “Hand Art”

Being one of the oldest handcrafts the world has ever known, pottery is still a vivid way of creating many daily life practical pieces. Believing so, Mr. Omar Emad decided in the last year of his university studies to enter this field by crafting some pottery pieces for home using simple materials such as cold porcelain clay. Those products were eventually getting a lot of positive feedback, which motivated Mr. Omar to turn his hobby into a handicrafts project called "Hand Art".

"Hand Art" is all about crafting versatile pottery items in different forms and creative ideas that are 100% handcrafted without using the pottery wheel used usually in this craft.

Products Offered by the Shop

Using non-toxic and lead-free materials such as; porcelain clay, ceramic glaze, and clay colors, the store started offering artistic pieces with a design that fuses modern concepts with traditional engravings and motifs. Mr. Omar began his project by crafting pottery flowers in addition to dishes decorated with hand-painted flowers. Then new ideas were included such as; cups, plates, diffusers, souvenirs and gifts, antiques, and jugs adorned with the most beautiful hand drawings.

The Process of Making the Items

When it comes to working in the handcrafts field, being equipped with experience is certainly essential, knowing that, Mr. Omar was so keen to learn everything about pottery through perseverance and practice to be able to craft various items with remarkable designs.

Making Pottery is a long process that requires a lot of patience, as the time a piece takes to be fully completed might differ from one another, this process usually takes one week or more. After forming the pottery piece, comes the stage of drying which could take from 2 days to a week, depending on the size of the item. The next step is storing, where the items are kept in a safe quiet place because they are prone to breakage easily. 

The items are then tested to check their quality before sanding them and putting them in the oven for the burning process which might take up to 12 hours, followed by another 12 hours for cooling.

And if the item is glazed, the process takes even longer, because the glazing material is added after completing the previous steps, and then put back in the oven for another round of burning and cooling, before it's wrapped and packaged for selling.

Mr. Omar aspires to craft pieces made with passion and love, with a lot of details and aesthetics that touch people's hearts and reflect cultural aspects, but also that give inspiration to craftsmen or innovative people.

Hand Art's beautifully and lovingly made pottery products are now available at Souq Fann. Check them out now!

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Get to Know “Hand Art”Being one of the oldest hand