Hana Abu Qdairi

Hana Abu Qdairi

Hana Abu Qdairi Story

Jameed is a Beduin-Jordanian food consisting of hard dry laban made from ewe or

goat's milk. Milk is kept in a fine woven cheesecloth to make a thick yogurt

Karak is well known for its fine Jameed, and Mrs. Hana Abu Qdairi is a proud instructor for Jameed manufacturing for the ladies in Karak.

Hana: “ Im proud to say that our products fit all health regulations and we are constantly fighting to keep our heritage alive! We choose the premium of raw materials so we could come up with the best Jameed and keep its original taste.”

Hana sees that this project is very important for two different reasons, first is to maintain the heritage and keep it going, and the second is to give these ladies a life goal and a purpose and help increase their incomes and make sure that their families are content.

Hana: “ The logistic aspect of the process is very challenging, most of our orders are for Amman, and it takes a lot for them to be shipped and delivered to our clients, as for marketing itself, it's a huge challenge for us as a startup project to be a match for huge companies and be present in the market.”

Hana and her fellow Jameed makers try their best to preserve this tradition and they surely hope that by being part of Souq Fann, they will be able to reach new and exciting markets!

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Jameed is a Beduin-Jordanian food consisting of ha