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The Journey of “Craft Store”

A group of talented young Sudanese who established a startup company and named it “Craft Store” inspired by reflecting the heritage and the traditions of Sudan represented in handmade products and crafts made by local artists and artisans in order to encourage them to grow and explore their full potential in new markets.

To make sure that Sudan’s heritage is well preserved, the backstory of each element and each traditionally handmade product made through using natural elements by Craft Store’s craftsmen and craftswomen are told as means of spreading the beautiful image of Sudan.

Craft Store contributes to creating a social impact by organizing workshops to help artisans develop their talents and expand their audiences in order to have a chance of increasing their sales.

In addition to enrolling some individuals from the disabled communities and helping them with their product development and much more.

Challenges faced by “Craft Store”

Although Sudan features having huge resources, the total isolation of it from the world affected “Craft Store” negatively in terms of technical and financial issues as well.

For this reason, Craft Store joined Souq Fann in order to reach their products all over the world through this digital platform.

Joining Souq Fann

Souq Fann and Craft Store do their best to make products as green as possible and to spread the message and importance of recycling and upcycling to the youth community as well.

“Joining Souq Fann is a great collaboration for us, as it opens new doors for the Sudanese youth and exposes them to new markets and new daily potentials.”

That’s how to craft store members expressed how important it is for them to join Souq Fann.

Days and nights spent to provide you with the green products in the best quality ever, browse them now!

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The Journey of “Craft Store”A group of talented yo