Syrian Touches - A.M

Syrian Touches - A.M

Syrian Touches - A.M Story

With the aim of supporting Syrian women artisans, Souq Fann, in collaboration with Syria Livelihoods Program (SLP), funded by USAID, trained and mentored women artisans in Malikiyah City in Northeast Syria. 

Through the training, these women produced intricate designs through which they were able to create a path to a sustainable income and improved livelihood conditions. 

These products are a reflection of the hard work and dedication that these women artisans have put into their craft, although they were faced with many challenges including not having money to buy materials or equipment, combined with the horrors of the conflict, they have endured, preserved, and made sure that they reflected that in their products. Out of those ambitions, the "Syrian Touches" brand was born to be a mark of resilience and perseverance of these women. 

Through Syrian Touches, we present you with handicrafts made by Syrian women who have turned their hardships into opportunities and their tribulations into triumphs."

About the Store

A creative craftswoman from the "Syrian Touches" brand makes unique crochet accessories. She learned this craft during high school after studying “women’s arts”, and has continued practicing the skills she gained in her studies, which have had a lasting effect on her work and products.

With great ingenuity, this craftswoman combines different types of crochet stitches to create unique accessories with beautiful, unique, and individual patterns.

Despite the difficulties that this craftswoman faces in her craft-making journeys, such as balancing her home life and her hobby and the difficulty of obtaining the necessary materials such as woolen threads, she nevertheless does not hesitate to do everything she can to make unique accessories with such mastery.

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With the aim of supporting Syrian women artisans,