Traditional Syrian Mosaic Wall Decor - Square

Wall decors have an attractive ability to add the full touch you need for your h...ome decoration, totally like this wall decor that features a classical door shape! This door-shaped wall decor is handcrafted from wood and stone walls, handpainted with care and perfection using stone mosaics that come from a natural Jordanian origin, a door body in an old lane with all the surrounding details that increase the aesthetic of this piece of art. You can be creative and untraditional in fixing this decor on the wall. For example, you can surround it with a small curtain fixed in the wall and let this masterpiece of art in the middle of the curtain sides. What would your way be of displaying this wall decor? This wall decor is available in two shapes in which one is rectangular and the other is squared, choose yours!

Size Guide:

Height : 29 (cm)Width : 2(cm)Length : 22 (cm)
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