This pillow is of natural pink color and is decorated with geometric shapes ful...l of details as it was made entirely of environmentally friendly materials extracted from the Jordan Valley and formed its colors using natural dyes extracted from the Dead Sea mud and local plants and was produced by these local women from Ghor Al Safi. (The colors used here are completely extracted from natural materials and the color tones may differ slightly as a result of the coloring process, which is done by hand. These tea and coffee are a form of ceramic material in their petroleum and black colors, and they were made with passion by the hand of a lady from the Iraq of the Prince, where they are distinguished by the beauty of their colors and accuracy of manufacture, in addition to a touch full of authenticity that testifies to many years of hard work. Iraq al-Amir and you add K. You have a very beautiful touch to your home group.

Size Guide:

Width : 41(cm)Length : 41 (cm)