Jude Sajdi


Jordan / Amman

Simsim is a line of practical and sustainable products, established in 2018. Simsim products are uniquely designed and inspired by nature and beauty found in everyday life. They are made from durable, high quality and sustainable material. We are proud to say that they are Jordanian products made with love!


The Challenges

While Simsim is not facing any major challenges, as a start up it requires some work in terms of outreach and visibility.

Products Story

At the moment our major product is the Simsim planner, it is a tool to help you organize your thoughts and break down your monthly goals. It is designed to give you a bird's eye view of each month in order to keep track of the big picture. We hope that it will help you declutter your mind and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Impact of work

Simsim products are made from durable, high quality and sustainable material, thereby encouraging local, environmentally friendly and sustainable production and purchasing. It also helps individuals to get organized and reach their goals.