Reem Dabour

Magic Bag

Jordan / Amman

Magic Bag produces insulated bags that can be used for two main purposes. A bag preserves the temperature of the cooked food (hot or cold) and it can be used also as a cooking tool for slow cooking. Due to the different needs of people, we produce several sizes of bags. As well it can be noted that we make sure to use the best quality of fabrics for an effective isolation.


The Challenges

The main challenges we face are related to the marketing of our products and to the making process of the products when it comes to finding qualified workers.

Products Story

On the long term, the use of the bags reduce the consumption of gas and electricity since the bags can be used as a cooking tool for slow cooking and maintain food’s flavor for hours. Additionally, our bags are unique by their practical aspect, it has never been so easy to carry food from one place to another while conserving the fresh taste of the food.

Impact of work

At first, the bags reduce energy consumption and therefore it has a financial impact on families’ expansives. Also, by lowering the consumption of natural resources our bags are environmentally friendly. Secondly, our bags allow the cook to not be worried about the food on fire, thus our bags provide you with safe cooking. The usual domestic accidents occurring in kitchens are avoid thanks to the use of our cooking bags. Lastly, our bags make the life of people much easier by enable them to transport their food very easily while conserving the food.