Khashab w Fann

Jordan / Amman

Our idea started with my daughter’s dream of having her own doll house! We started looking all around toy shops but all we found was small overpriced houses made out of poor material! My uncle heard the story and surprised us with a solid wood handmade huge doll house! And it was the beginning of our journey.


The Challenges

We faced a couple of challenges as everything is handmade and we don’t have the space or equipment to make our job easier. The second thing we had to think about is marketing, as we are a startup project and needed a platform to display our creations.

Products Story

We were surprised with all the positive feedback and sudden orders the moment we posted the first doll house on social media! What made it special was our love for the project and our determination to keep working on our design to reach the best handmade doll houses even created!

Impact of work

The impact we wish to influence on society is to remind youngsters these days that they can still have fun without using all these trending video games and social media platforms that are not suitable for their age! Rather explore all the possibilities using their imagination and building new relationships that could last a life time with other youngsters of their age.