Reeman Omari

Yummy Charms

Jordan / Amman

My name is Reeman, Im 22 years old, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration from university of Jordan, June 2018. The nature of my major and a lot of courses that I took in the university encourages me to think and look for unique ideas and how to turn them into a real project that is doable and feasible.


The Challenges

Luckily after my graduation, I found what I'm looking for, I did a little research and made a lot of attempts until I succeeded then I launched my project "Yummy Charms" which is a kind of replica of food in a much-smaller-than-usual size made by polymer clay such as food charms, necklaces, bracelets and medals.

Products Story

These modern and fun items will make any outfit special and will be a great gift for a special person in your life! I put my heart and soul into every item I make and I hope you find something you love! What makes my charms unique, that they're personally handmade with high attention to details and that they're made to the highest standards and are priced at affordable and reasonable prices. To me, customer satisfaction is very important. Your happiness with your purchase is my number one priority.

Impact of work

Some of the struggles that I faced is the lack of some of tools here in Jordan needed to make my charms and which could have reduced a lot of time and effort, so I had to look for substitutes or to make them by myself in spite of their difficulty and their cost.