Al Nowwar Al-Shamaileh


Jordan / Karak

My name is Nowwar Al-Shamaileh and I’m the eager photographer behind “Nowwara” Project. My project started as an idea that came from my love for photography and my constant need to be a seeker for new possibilities in life. When I researched the photography field I found that the Arabic feel in photos is almost non-existent in sites that sell printed photography content all around the world. I found that so many people are interested in the Arabic theme when selecting photo work but they are not finding any material that satisfies their needs.


The Challenges

We decided to be the pioneers of the field and established its beginning for a project specialized in the Arab and Islamic archeological aspects, whether electronic content or printed items to document the Arab civilization in one place and be the reason for the livelihood of photographers. It had to work for a year before we could start, between the search for excellent print quality and a reasonable price, as well as looking for enthusiastic photographers to join the team.

Products Story

The project needs a lot of time as any startup, we are trying our best with marketing as well as creating a clear identity for our photography line. What makes this task more challenging is that we have a considerably small team, and it makes the effort needed to achieve our goals huge!

Impact of work

The team working with me on “Nowwara” at the moment consists of Duaa Qasem on PR and Communications, and designer Yousif Husawi. We are not just selling photographs; we are documenting culture!