Zubeida Qudisat

Dinky Yarn

Jordan / Irbid

10 years ago, Zubaydah Saints of Irbid began refining her knitting hobby until it turned over time into a source of income. Since the end of 2017, she has been working on a project called, “Dinky Yarn,” which has given her the opportunity to create products that fit her beautiful style marked by a distinctive mixing of the traditional way of knitting with modern designs. The raw material of Zubaydah’s knitting projects is a unique material called kleim, rather than traditional wool. When she weaves this with colors that combine modern beauty and style, her high-quality products are created. Zubaydah aspires to expand by selling her products online to cover other areas in Jordan and soon around the world.

The Challenges

A former student of Radiological Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Irbid, Zubaydah has come a long way to now be the owner of the Dinky Yarn project. Her story began 10 years ago, when she first showed her love and interest in knitting, which began as a mere hobby. Over time, this interest turned into its own source of income. By the end of 2017, many of Zubaydah’s acquaintances and friends expressed their new admiration for what she created and insisted on buying many of her products. This required her to make more to keep up with growing demand. With the growth of her work came a range of difficulties, such as marketing her products on a wider scope and the lacking of major materials needed for the products. However, neither these challenges nor the high costs of production hindered her even for a moment from proceeding with the small project.

Impact of work

What distinguishes Dinky Yarn’s products is the variety of colors that make them bright and joyful. The way they are made is also unique, from the quality of the raw materials to the threads they use – even its distinctive packaging and usage instructions including cleaning and preservation method set the products apart. Additionally, Zubaydah even gives her customers flexibility in how they pay. At reasonable distances within Irbid, Zubaydah provides free delivery to universities.

Zubaydah speaks about the positive impact of her personal project with zeal. Zubaydah's character before the project and her vision of life are no longer the same, as her project opened many doors and aspirations for her future. She has gained many experiences in the field of commerce, marketing, and public relations. She has learned a wide range of important lessons under the pressure of work and the difficulty of experimenting with the mistakes in her experience. Yet Zubaydah enjoys financial independence through her work, which has a great impact on her personality, making her more confident, strong, and able to face the difficulties and challenges of life.