Mohammad Saada


Jordan / Amman

Sura is a one-stop-gift shop to collect your favorite souvenirs. Whether you are looking for postcards captured by locals from your favorite getaways in Jordan, or bookmarks to accompany your exciting readings, or framed photos to hang up in your office or house, Sura got you covered. Sura in Arabic means “photo”, the idea started when we wanted to blend photography and traveling to come up with a piece that has a little bit of both. The idea developed further as we wanted to share with you the stories that speak behind the places cultivated in the photos we capture in Jordan and through every country we visit.

The Challenges

As a startup, we were challenged by the limited publicity, finding the right balance between our full-time jobs and the time dedicated to Sura and most importantly the trials and errors in printing to bring out the best in our products. We also faced other logistical issues, it was often challenging to find accessible means of transportation to reach the final destination especially that people are not aware of these places.

Impact of work

Each product is fully produced by Sura from capturing the photo to designing the product and finally crafting the content. The bookmarks have a unique twist, once you flip the bookmark you will find the continuation of the photo on the other side of the bookmark, hence the photo is not repeated. Postcards contain the historical name of the places and the year the photo was captured by the team to be able to differentiate the place through time.

Sura has the aim to increase awareness among Jordanians and non-Jordanians about the beauty of Jordan through capturing different places and areas that are not known to all people. As well, Sura is committed to tell stories behind the photos captured .