Mohammad Arts

Jordan / Amman

I came from the country of origin, the country of history, the country of jasmine .. To the love of art and taste I brought you my profession. I was born and raised in a city that loved art in nature .. A city rich in decorative arts in every house or street in every palace or mosque.

The Challenges

It is a challenge to get the clients to recognize the effort required for the work to come out with such precision and craft! As well as the invasion of cheap products for the markets which made it more difficult to market our work.

Impact of work

What makes our creations special is that they are 100% handmade with love and passion,decorative on wood with accurate precision and workmanship with new ideas.

My goal is also to spread the culture of Islamic and Arab arts and to help in the operation of talented people and add aesthetic touches in your homes. As well as inking the interiors to our history and our ancient civilization.