Navy Stitch

Jordan / Amman

A fashion brand selling hand-made knitted products ranging from apparel to home accessories, uniquely designed to stand out. Not only are our products made with love, we have also ventured with underprivileged talented women who love to knit to be part of our family. So by purchasing our products, you are both styling yourself and your home with our great taste of fashion as well as giving back to the community, which makes every piece bought more worthy.

The Challenges

To make sure everything is delivered on time since everything is handmade and also to make sure that everything fits perfectly since every piece is designed according to the customer's preferences

Impact of work

Not only our products are made with love but we make sure to make every piece special, unique and personal.

Working with underprivileged talented ladies is something we are so proud of, knowing that with every order we are giving back to the community and helping these ladies to be able to express themselves.