Jordan / Amman

Al Nuzha Women Cooperative Society is a non-governmental multipurpose organization for women, registered in the Cooperative Institute and the Cooperative Union under the Cooperative Societies Law. The society was established through the initiative of a group of women in the Al Nuzha area of Jordan. Al Nuzha Women’s Society works to raise women’s affairs and keep them in pace with the rapid developments of the world. It helps underprivileged women and their families in Al Nuzha and neighboring areas find jobs to improve their living conditions.

The Challenges

Impact of work

Al Nuzha Women’s Society’s products are not only beautifully handmade and high-quality, but they also make a great social impact. By supporting and buying from Al Nuzha Women’s Society, you are not only purchasing a beautiful and unique product, but you are also contributing to the financial security and social conditions of women in the Al Nuzha region of Jordan.

Apart from reviving traditional embroidery to preserve its unique place in the national heritage, Al Nuzha Women’s Society has a major social impact in its region, as it seeks to elevate women’s position in society in a variety of ways. From training women to enable them to improve their social and economic conditions, providing technical guidance in the fields of sewing and embroidery to enable women who work from home to improve production and sales, helping to market products, and providing job opportunities for underprivileged women, Al Nuzha Women’s Society’s roles are many. Overall, Al Nuzha Women’s Society’s work aims to reduce unemployment, achieve sustainable and comprehensive development, increase women’s participation in society, and work toward better social and economic conditions for women in the region.