Wool Crafts

Wool Crafts

Samar decided to begin her crochet business out of her love of wool-working, a skill she had learned from her mother and grandmother. Inspired by their teachings, she decided to start working from home, filling her free time with something useful and productive. Samar’s products bear distinctive designs that carry the customs and traditions of the past, but with an added modern touch. As of now, all products are made for children as a reflection of her love for them, though future products will be catered to other age groups.

Samar’s greatest difficulty is effectively marketing her products. As many mothers have moved on to more modern and “fashionable” clothes for their children, the appreciation and care for more traditional handmade wool products has greatly diminished over time. Finding that segment of society that still upholds this appreciation has been a challenge. Further, it has also been difficult to reconcile to customers the great amount of time, labor, and skill that goes into each and every piece created. As such, Samara often receives comments on her prices being too high, as many do not understand the amount of effort that goes into the creation of each product.

Samar’s products are unique in that they are characterized by simplicity, mastery, and a genuine passion for the work itself. In terms of orders, each piece may be tailored to suit the specific need and taste of the customer.

Her bring joy to the hearts of those who already love manual wool work and crochet, while also introducing the craft to those who are unfamiliar. At the same time, due to the traditional nature of the craft, Samar’s work may be considered a revival of the heritage of our ancestors, promoting the customs and traditions of the past to the new generation.

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