Jude Naem

Arrow Arts

Jordan / Amman

The story of the 20-year-old Jood Na'im began when she started painting in 2012. From the very beginning, she received love and support from her family, which inspired her to fully pursue this passion by opening her first art exhibition in 2017 under the auspices of her close friends and family members. To ensure that her paintings were always in a place where people could find them, she soon decided to expand online under the name of Arrow Arts. What distinguishes the work of Jude’s art is that each piece tells the unique story of a fictional life in another world: each canvas always has a new character that attracts a certain person or character to the piece. You, too, may soon find yourself in in awe of these paintings.

The Challenges

Jood Naim is 20 years old and living in Amman, Jordan, where she has been drawing since 2012. From the very beginning of her time as an artist, Jood has been supported and loved by her family and friends, which led in 2017 to her opening an exhibition of her paintings and works. This was Jood’s first major step in the artistic field. To keep the exhibition open, she decided to expand to an online space called Arrow Arts. The idea of ​​Arrow Arts is that people can see Jood’s works of art on a permanent basis. Every day, her following online grows through Arrow Arts, which has allowed her to support more young artistic talents who might feel ashamed in the way of painting and art. From the organization of art exhibitions to the search for media coverage and marketing, as well as the sourcing of material elements, this project faces many challenges. However, Jood is making her way forward with confidence and spreading the culture of beauty and art all around.

Impact of work

What makes the paintings and works of Arrow Arts distinctive is that each canvas has a story different from the other, each canvas here has a different shape and attractiveness depending on the state of the artist who paints it. Jood believes that everyone is buying one of her paintings because he sees the reflection of himself.

While Jood is still in school, her small project has had a profound impact on his life and character. She has supported the work of many artists and is seeking to organize his upcoming show with many young artists in Jordan. Today, she has sold many paintings of her own and of a number of other young artists on Arrow Arts, creating a source of income for them to develop their talent and spread their works of art among people.