Iman Ghuniemen

Iman Ghuniemen

Jordan / Maan

One of the oldest ways to preserve food was drying and storing in oil to keep for upcoming harder times, and Iman excelled this method today and made it her new project!

Iman comes from Shobak in Ma’an, she believes that by preserving the foods without adding any preservatives, she contributes towards a healthier community.

Iman: My customer database keeps growing day by day, my products are different as you can still taste the actual fruit or vegetable after preserving it for a good amount of time, not like other products in the market! I only deal with organic farms, and my customers can definitely taste the difference!

Iman’s husband, who was the first provider for the family passed away, he was her first supporter as emotionally as well, and he is the reason why she is able to provide for her family now that he is gone.

Iman: Old and useless traditions are restraining us and stopping us from following our dreams, I was criticized for starting this project, but now I’m able to manage well!

You can be Iman’s supporter and order her products from the website today!

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