Xena Kalouti

Xena Kalouti

Jordan / Amman

An Architect Integrates Art with Architecture and Passion to Craft Traditional Products, Xena. 

As Xena graduated from the University of Jordan, she combined her major with her passion for interior design. Xena worked in this field that intersects with art and architecture for more than ten years. As a self-learner, Xena dived into the field of visual art, deepened her knowledge in it, and became passionate about designing, and specifically, details.

Xena’s passion has a significant impact on her success in her work. She has participated in many national and international exhibitions including exhibitions in France, Italy, and Spain.

Working with Souq Fann

Before Xena became a vendor at Souq Fann, she faced many obstacles including marketing. “I face difficulties in marketing my products, especially as a mother and an architect who runs an engineering office”, Xena said. 

“Not only this, but also I am passionate about art, research, and design. I spend most of my time trying to show this passion through what I craft, thus; I prefer to spend my free time focusing and listening to my inner-inspiration rather than distracting my attention in marketing, and this is what I found in Souq Fann”, she added.

Xena’s Opinion on her own Products

Xena believes that her passion in various fields helps her to achieve well-crafted and unique products that represent traditional crafts. This is what forms Xena’s vision for her brand “Xena Kalouti”. 

“What is special about my products is the mixture of art with design that combines a critical view of identity and longing to revive traditional crafts in our history”, Xena said.

Xena’s vision also includes the ethical use of renewable resources and hiring local artisans, alongside producing handicrafts in reasonable amounts or as ordered to reduce the consumption of essential materials. “Personally, I aspire to create a sense of historical identity and make this feeling flourish in an ethical manner in this world”, Xena added. 

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