The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

Jordan / Tafilah

Ruba Darwish learned embroidery from her mom when she was young and at the age of 51, she still works at the field.

She considers herself an expert in all embroidery methods and techniques, you can try to imagine all the skills required to achieve such a level of expertease!   

Ruba: “ I volunteered to give lessons and classes for students in Al Tafilah schools and some charity foundations. My mom is my inspiration, she’s the one who taught me early on all the methods and techniques I need to learn, and I’m always grateful for that! I’m trying to keep this art alive and teach it to the new generation.” 

Ruba was supported by her family and friends, and despite all the challenges she continues to work hard to achieve her goals. 

Ruba: “ My workshop is small but I have a dream to move into a large space that can cater to all the client needs and help me grow and reach my full potential”

Ruba hopes that by joining Souq Fann, she’ll overcome all the obstacles she is facing at the moment, and reach a new audience inside and outside of Jordan.            

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