Jordan / Amman

The team behind Terracotta seeks to bring a new life to the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy by combining modern designs with traditional techniques. Products created by Terracotta are a mixture of past and present, paying homage to two of the region’s oldest art forms: calligraphy and ceramics. Every piece of ceramic produced is an object of art, thought, and creativity, meant to be seen and enjoyed by all.

Seeking to preserve the incomparable artistry of Arabic calligraphy and ceramics, Terracotta, from its very conception, has created products with specificity and accuracy. As all products are handmade, this is not always easy, but the team behind Terracotta pride themselves on the degree of accuracy and precision they are able to achieve by hand.

What makes Terracotta’s products so unique is the level of precision they are able to achieve by hand. While this may be a demanding feat considering the volume and difficulty of the craft, all stages of manufacturing and production are done this way. Terracotta prides itself on this achievement.

Further, Terracotta’s work celebrates regional heritage through art, namely ceramics and Arabic calligraphy. Rather than simply following traditional methods and designs, Terracotta seeks to bring these long-established art forms into the present age, offering them in a more modern and developed form, while maintaining their authenticity.

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