Sondos Aljarajra

Sondos Aljarajra

Jordan / karak

Creativity is a main component for innnovation.. Sondos Aljarajra from Karak is working hard on creating new ways to combine soap and loofahs together, and deliver one unique product that can be suitable for all.

Sondos: “ Everybody uses soap! And that was the main idea I had in mind when I started working on my project, it comes in different shapes, colors and aromas, and that means that I have no boundaries or limits in my creating process, I know I’m not the only one working with soap but my goal is to make my product extra special in terms of packaging and presentation so that it will excel.”

Sondos dream of financial independence, and the lack of job opportunities in Karak was the main reason she started looking for other ideas to explore.

Sondos : “ I think the main challenge that I face is transportation and delivery, as I simply cannot keep leaving Karak to go sell my products in Amman! It's highly costly and not easy in my case!”

Feedback is one of the main components to take into consideration while attempting to run a business, and this is what Sondos believes in and takes into consideration to make sure that her products measure up to the constantly changing market demands.

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